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Everyone loves a genuine compliment once in a while, and with long, thick full eyelashes framing your face, you are bound to get many. To me, eyelashes are the ultimate symbol of glamour. Lash services, in general, are becoming so much more mainstream now. The perfect combination of eyebrow care and eyelash extension can add an uncanny beauty to your face, highlighting your eyes and complimenting your natural features.

What is eyelash extension exactly?

Eyelash extensions are an increasingly popular service, though they have been part and parcel of the beauty community since the early 1900s.

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent lashes made from single synthetic fibers or 100% mink and curve to replicate a natural eyelash. These extensions provide a length and thickness to your existing lashes.

Why do girls love eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions provide wearers the opportunity to enjoy dynamic looks through semi-permanent makeup.

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When we offer our lash extension services to clients at Mimosa Nails & Day Spa, these are the common advantages and benefits that our guests experience:

Creating a natural look or a more dramatic effect in one simple application.
Formaldehyde free and superior quality.

Save big time. Putting on make-up takes its fair share of time, especially when you consider eye makeup. Eyeshadow, eye pencil, eyeliner, eyebrow gel, mascara… the list of items you are required to use before you are satisfied with the intended dramatic look you were aiming for is endless. For women on the go who are aiming for an effortless natural look, eyelash extensions are ideal. It’s not just a solution for working women but all women in general who in today’s day and age seem to operate on a faster-than-lightning basis.

Unique styling. Eyelash extensions are tailored to the wearer's preferences and are customized to enhance and accentuate the wearer's features. Here at Mimosa Nails & Day Spa- the best permanent makeup eyelash in Katy, we make certain to help our clients feel confident by offering personalized styling through lash extensions.

Workout ready. Nobody wants mascara to run down the face due to the sweat and heat. With eyelash extensions, you can continue to enjoy your workouts and other physical activities with beautiful, full lashes without any worry. Just remember that you have to wait for at least 24 hours after the lashes are applied so the bond between your lashes and the glue is strong and doesn’t cause the extensions to slide right off.
Damage and stress-free. Our experienced and licensed professionals don't do any damage to your natural eyelashes, nor do they cause you any pain. This is a pain free and effortless appointment for your own self-care!

How to keep your full set of eyelash extensions lasting longer?

True eyelash extensions individually bond to a client’s existing lashes one by one and last up to 2-4 weeks. This PMU process takes significant time and requires a meticulous, well-trained, and licensed professional to ensure quality results.

Following after-care guidelines and staying on top of touch-up sessions will allow your lash extensions to last indefinitely. Eyelash refills are affordable and depending on the fullness, can be accessed every two or three weeks, as needed.

You have to be incredibly gentle with your new lashes when washing your face, sleeping, and doing your makeup to avoid them from shedding.

It’s time to enhance your natural beauty with Mimosa Nails & Day Spa inKaty, TX 77494At the top-ranked Mimosa Nails & Day Spa - Nail salon Katy TX 77494, our lash specialists have many years of experience. We offer a variety of eyelash extension services at an affordable price. As an expert team, our specialists make it easy for you to tend to all of your eye enhancing services within the same visit.

Tired of constantly applying mascara to receive the beautiful look of a full set of lashes? Our eyelash stylist has the skills and techniques your lashes need for a natural look with a beauty built to last. We’re focused on providing a pampering experience that leaves our clients feeling special and celebrated. Call us at 281-391-8798 to set up an appointment!

How much do Eyelash Extensions cost?

Eyebrow Due
Eyelash Extension

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