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Are you trying to find the greatest local gel X extension service? Satisfy all of your needs at Mimosa Nail & Day Spa in Katy, 77494

Among the many procedures provided, Gel X Nail stands out as a glamorous and sophisticated option. Experience the creativity and elegance of Gel X nails, available only at our salon at 402 W Grand Pkwy S #105, Katy, TX 77494. Allow us to take you on a journey.

Gel X Nails' Beauty:

The pinnacle of contemporary nail art are gel X nails, which combine the longevity of acrylics with the flexibility of gel polish. Our talented experts at Mimosa Nails & Day Spa use this cutting-edge method to produce nails that are not only beautiful but also long-lasting. Gel X nails, in contrast to conventional acrylics, are kind to your natural nails and provide a lightweight, natural feel so you can confidently show off your gorgeous nails.

Why select Mimosa's Gel X Nails?

Skilled Nail Technicians: Our salon employs a group of exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable nail technicians with a focus on Gel X nails. They work tirelessly to meet your expectations, paying close attention to every little detail.

Personalized designs: Our specialists can produce a wide range of Gel X nail styles that are personalized to your taste, whether you want sophisticated designs, fashionable patterns, or timeless elegance. Your nails will showcase your distinct individuality and style, whether it's with subtle sophistication or striking assertions.

High-end Goods: At Mimosa Nails & Day Spa, we put our customers' safety and quality first. Our salon-quality, high-end Gel X products are renowned for their vivid color selections and long-lasting quality. In addition to looking stunning, your nails will hold up over time.

Experience the pampering: Come relax and treat yourself to a pleasant and tranquil setting at our salon. Throughout your Gel X nail treatment, our welcoming staff will make sure you feel refreshed and at ease from the time you walk in.


Gel X

Overlay/Refill $45+ ...... with Tip $59+

Gel-X is a pre-shaped nail tip that is made completely out of soft gel which will be applied directly on top of your full natural nails and can be cut and shaped to your preference. Gel-X is a safe method for lengthening your nails with natural looking.

Come See Us Now:

Are you prepared to give Gel X nails a try? Come to Mimosa Nails & Day Spa, located at 402 W Grand Pkwy S #105, Katy, TX 77494, and allow our talented technicians to create artistic nails. Our Gel X nail service guarantees a glamorous and fulfilling experience, whether you're getting ready for a special occasion or just treating yourself.

At Mimosa Nails & Day Spa, up your nail game and revel in the beauty of Gel X nails. Make an appointment right away and let your hands speak for themselves with glamorous, sophisticated, and timelessly elegant nails.

To get more info or book our Gel X near me in Katy, TX 77494, please contact us via:

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