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Despite the fact that summer is still in full swing in the South for much longer than it is in the rest of the country, we can't help but be excited for all of the fall beauty trends that are on their way. Specifically, brand-new nail colors. As much as we adore summer's ever-popular nail colors, we're equally fond of their moodier autumnal counterparts.

September is undoubtedly a month of transition, with new routines, changing weather, and other factors, but it is also a month of abundance, and it is still far from winter and the coldest parts of fall. I always look forward to this month because of the peace and quiet it brings to the town where we live. Don't get me wrong, summer is a beautiful and precious thing, but it is also busy and a process of keeping your head above water in many areas of life, but September arrives and it's as if the lowering clouds slow us down and bring us back to center.

Because August and September are transitional months between summer and fall, we're attempting to bridge the beauty gap by selecting the best in-between nail shades to begin seeing some Autumn color without going full-on fall.

Summer's craziness and all the demands we've found in our lives these last few months are fading now in a way that, if you're like me, you'll welcome. Try one of these rich and vibrant shades of purple, blue, and green for the autumnal trendsetters. For those who want to prolong summer, go brighter with shades of orange, creamy nude, metallic, and even a two-toned surprise.

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Here are eight trendy, transitional nail colors to help you transition from summer to fall. I hope you enjoy the beauty of September by incorporating these lovely colors into your manicure!

1- Turquoise Green Nails
Though I love the Summer there is something sweet about late Summer that I always look forward to. Around these parts the tourist season slows down, the streets become quieter, things begin to return to normal, and everything feels a little more settled. There is a sweetness that is almost like a calm before the storm of Winter that ushers in Fall. The colors begin to shift in the water and on the hills and the smells begin to feel crisper and cooler.
The one color I always see that becomes so distinct in this transition is this turquoise green. The water gravitates to this tone and it contrasts with the turning leaves that begin to happen in late September. It is one of my favorite colors especially as this time of the year begins to come sweeping in. So, you must paint the turquoise shade on your nails this month!

2- White Nails Art
I know we are supposed to put white away this time of year, but I think it is bull. White is an all time classic color. It contrasts against every type of outfit we wear in the Autumn. I love a white manicure because of how fresh it feels amongst the leaves and colors this time of year.

3- Coppery Orange Nail Polish
Take your summer coral into autumnal territory with the copper-kissed shade of orange!

4- Muted Lavender Nail Color
This soft lilac shade is just what the end-of-summer ordered.

5- Royal Blue Nail Shade
We are saving navy blue for later colder months. Transition to fall with the bright royal blue shade instead.

6- Dusty Pink Nails Design
Who says you can’t rock pink all year long? This dusty hue of pink color is like a toned-down version of pastel pink that flatters many skin tones.

7- Cactus Green Color
If Summer nails were all about lime green (I can, Autumn nails are going to be all cactus green! Such a late summer friendly nail shade!

8- Blushed Caramel Nail Polish
This nail polish color has just enough pigment to keep you from getting bored and will flatter your fading summer tan, too!


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