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Nails and facial near me Katy TX – If you are looking for a place where you could relax, feel beautiful and be treated with the best of the best services, then you should go to Mimosa Nail and Day Spa.

Mimosa Nail & Day Spa - Nail salon Springfield Katy, TX 77494

Nails and facial near me Katy – If you are looking for a place where you could relax, feel beautiful and be treated with the best of the best services, then you should go to Mimosa Nail and Day Spa. This is one of the best nail salons in Katy, TX, and it offers a full range of high-quality services for both men and women. From mani-pedis to massages, facials, eyelashes, and everything else that could enhance your beauty, this is a place where you will be pampered and spoiled.

Mimosa Nail & Day Spa is a full-service beauty spa in Katy, TX area. The beauty salon offers a full line of beauty and nail care services, including pedicures, manicures, facials, waxing,... The salon is located at 402 W Grand Pkwy S #105, Katy, TX 77494.

The detail of nail services and facial services.



Classic Manicure $20
Enjoy essential professional care for your hand!
This treatment consists of nail trimming and shaping, cuticle grooming, buffing, light massage with a healing therapy lotion, and the application of your choice of regular nail polish.
Deluxe Manicure $39
This treatment includes the Classic Manicure plus Paraffin Wax Treatment to moisturize and hydrate the skin. This is followed by an extra 10 minutes of relaxing hand massage with lotion, followed by a hot towel wrap and it is finished with the application of regular nail polish.



Classic Pedicure $29
Our Classic Pedicure comes with a warm foot soak, nail trimming, cuticle grooming, buffing, shaping, and a foot scrubbing with a pumic stone for a well-groomed look. This treatment is finished with a light massage and the application of your choice of regular polish.
Exfoliating Pedicure $42
Exfoliation is an essential part of a spa pedicure. Our Exfoliating Pedicure includes Classic Pedicure plus Callus treatment helps in softening cracked heels & Exfoliating sugar scrubs that are used to help remove dead skin on your feet and legs. A five minutes massage with lotion and hot towels wrapped will help soften calluses and smoothes your skin to shine though.
Paradise Pedicure $55
Treat your feet with our luxury new 40+ Min bliss, you will walk away with a blissful rejuvenated feeling. This treatment includes Exfoliating Pedicure plus Mud Masque, Massage lotion and on top of this treatment will be included with a Detox Paraffin Wax Treatment for your feet and ankles to hold moisture in the skin, reserve for pain relief & healing cracked skin. This treatment is finished with 10 minutes massage and your choice of regular polish.
(Callus remover; Paraffin wax, 10 minutes feet & 5 minutes shoulder massage)
Pamper your feet with our extensive Deluxe Pedi that use an individually packed Sea Salt Soak, Sugar Scrub, Mud Masque, Massage Butter. This product is made of premium ingredients, is used to absorb minerals, toxin, impurities and more. Formulated to relieve stress, Sea salt soak creates a warm soothing bath to detoxify and soothe skin; Sea Salt Scrub exfoliates dead skin cell for healthier cell growth; Mud Masque and Massage Butter promotes soft skin for a more youthful, radiant, and healthier look.
(Callus remover; Paraffin wax, 15 minutes feet & 10 minutes shoulder massage)
Treat yourself with luxury spa experience for luxury benefits. Volcano Spa Pedi is a beautiful, high quality brand that contains rich, effective formulas, including maske and lotion made with collagen to help improve the skin’s appearance and elasticity. Volcano Spa will dazzle your feeling with the fun of “Volcano Eruption” and Detox Activator will blast away dirt and impurities. Exfoliating sugar scrub clears away dead skin and reveals newer, younger looking skin. Collagen cream maske and massage lotion start to nourish skin for greater elasticity and a beautiful, youthful glow with a silky soft finish.
Gel/Shellac color add on to any Mani/ Pedi services extra $15

Facial services 



This treatment is customized to focus on cleansing, exfoliation on surface of the skin, and application of toner and moisturizer. Deep Cleasing Facial can help to make your surface tighter, smoother, and heathier.
SIGNATURE FACIAL (50 Minutes) $75
This powerful facial goes beyond the essential facial to rejuvenate, smooth and help firm the skin, plus a light chemical peel and a custom mask treatment to remove impurites and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment is finished with face massage and neck massage.
This facial is targeted to focus on deep cleansing, exfoliation, extraction for blocked pores and slough off the top layer of dead skin cells. This treatment will remove impurities and build up of oil or dirt that may be clogging your spores. Finished with an infusion of serums will help to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion.
BACK FACIAL (60 Minutes) $85
Back Facial is similar to a Signature Facial but on your back. This treatment involves a process of cleasing, exfoliating and helps to open pores, extracts impurities and leaves the skin soft moisturized and refreshed.

What is the address of nails and facial services?

402 W Grand Pkwy S #105,Katy, TX 77494



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There are a lot of nail salons in Katy, TX and in other cities as well. On the one hand, they are all different, but on the other hand, they are all the same. In general, you might say that a nail salon is a nail salon. Well, not anymore! The difference between a regular nail salon and a high-end nail salon is so significant that it would make the difference between a pleasant experience and a terrible one. There are so many nail salons in Katy, TX, so many of them are the same, and so many of them offer the same services at the same price. For that reason, it is important to choose the best nail salon in Katy, TX and enjoy a relaxing time and be beautiful after you've enjoyed high-end services at one of the best nail salons in Katy, TX. Let's choose our nail & facial salonMimosa Nail and Day Spa . We won't make you disappointed after spending your valuable time here and your belief.

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